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Emotit for President was your source for all things 2016 election. We compiled the best political content and helped pinpoint the most significant moments. Leveraging world-leading emotion analytics, we surveyed how America reacted to the biggest moments of the election cycle.

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Curated Political Videos

The best political content from a plethora of sources, all curated in one place.
You Versus the Nation

You Versus the Nation

We showed you how your reactions compared to the rest of America – all in real time.
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We found the moments that move the needle most, and allowed you to jump right to them.
The Best Curated Political Content


Custom Curated Political Content

Emotit for President curated the best political content, so you could spend more time watching the moments that actually mattered. From candidates on the campaign trail to the most ruthless debate burns, we had everything you needed to see -- all in one place.


Surveying the Emotional Pulse of the Nation

Post-video scoring showed your emotional response to every video you watched - allowing you to compare yourself to the reactions of the entire nation. All results were categorized by key demographics like party affiliation, age, geography, gender and more.


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Skiping the fluff and getting right to the good stuff. The app allowed you to jump instantly to the most captivating moment in any political video. By harnessing technology that reads micro facial expressions and understands emotion, we found the moments that moved the needle most.

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Emotit for President was powered by ooVoo's Intelligent Video and a decade of MIT science which allows us to more deeply understand human emotions. Intelligent Video interprets, responds, and provides context to user’s emotion in real-time to create next-generation connected experiences.

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